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Our Objectives

Creative Learning Center's objective is to create and support a strong School Family. 

Specifically, our objectives include:

Helping each child to:

  • make a successful transition from home to school

  • feel secure and happy in the preschool environment

  • build positive relationships with other children and adults

  • build a strong and positive self-concept

  • develop large and small motor skills and coordination

  • express himself/herself freely and imaginatively

  • become increasingly responsible and independent

Providing for:

  • experiences to develop reading, language and communication skills

  • "hands-on" experiences that promote an understanding of spatial and numerical concepts, reasoning and problem-solving

  • opportunities to explore, experiment and experience activities that provide them with an explanation and understanding of the natural world around them and its people

  • development of critical thinking skills (how to think) and problem solving skills (including conflict resolution)

  • mastery of recommended kindergarten readiness skills

  • sensory experiences which fulfill developmental needs and enhance a child's sensory integration process


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