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Creative Learning Center - Pre K - 4 and 5 Year Old Class - Preschool, Childcare
Our Pre-K class maintains a fun-filled developmentally appropriate program balanced with a strong academic preparation for kindergarten.  We build a solid foundation of math and science concepts, social studies, phonics and pre-reading skills, handwriting, art, literature and the development of critical thinking skills. There will be extra emphasis on phonics instruction, guided reading, sight words instruction, and handwriting instruction. We encourage independence in our students by promoting self-help skills, teaching children to put on their own coats, zippering, cleaning up after themselves, washing hands and completing assigned jobs (weather watcher, clean-up helper, calendar helper...).
The children will start their day with “Free Choice Time” that will include a variety of self selected activities. The children move freely throughout the room to the block center, home center, toys, puzzles, games, sensory table, play-dough, easels, the science center and the math/writing center. During free-play students are able to interact, problem solve, roleplay, develop self-confidence and build strong peer relationships through positive teacher guidance and encouragement. 
“Circle Time” includes calendar, weather, math activities, a story, movement and discussion of the theme of the day. Teachers incorporate a thematic curriculum approach to learning during Circle Time through the use of songs, movement, fingerplays, learning units and stories that are related to our monthly themes. Students are provided pre-reading/reading and handwriting instruction. The class will have a weekly session of music (songs and movement).
Outdoor play is an important part of our Pre-K program. Children need the freedom to run and play, jump and climb, lead and follow, and release their extra energy. Our playgrounds are  well equipped with climbers/slides, playhouses, sandbox, garden area, trikes, ride-in cars, bubbles and balls. 
We finish our day with a story and a goodbye song. 
Typical Monthly Themes:
All About Me
Home and Family
Native Americans/Pilgrims 
Space Exploration
Martin Luther King
Community  Helpers
Ocean Life
Healthy Bodies
*We welcome parent visits, participation and volunteerism throughout the year. 
We offer the following schedule options:
Half Day - 9:00 am - 12:00 pm              Flexible Schedules available
Full Day - 7:00 am - 6:00 pm                 Lunch Bunch - 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Please check our applications for all scheduling options and tuition rates.
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